UX/UI/Wordpress Dev(me), Project Manager

Software Used: 
Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP

To design and build their customer facing corporate web site.

From Initial Brief, Wireframes, Design, and Wordpress Development.
Design Brief
My brief was to design and build a wordpress based corporate web site for AMEE.
It had to be:
 - Updatable via a CMS system
 - Visually look similar to their pre-existing marketing material
 - Be clean and professional looking
 - Be a logical and pleasant user experience
Once I received a brief on what content the business wanted to include, I created a full set of wireframes to help visualise information hierarchy and UX functionality throughout the site.
After the wireframes were approved, I created a full set of visual designs based from their previous marketing material.
Wordpress Build
Once the designs were approved, I began developing the wordpress theme in HTML, CSS, PHP from scratch.
Once the build was complete, the team and I gave the developed site a thorough testing across all browsers.

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