Senior UX Designer (me), PM, UI Designer, Developers
Software Used
Adobe XD, Axure, Sketch, Photoshop
To work on the UX needs of several different areas of
To aid the business in all their UX requirements and to be the customer advocate within the team.
UX Research
Argos had a lot of really useful data to aid us in prioritising which areas of the web site needed improvement.
From heatmaps, to Adobe Analytics, to call centre reports, to User feedback.
Heatmap output of cursor activity
Third Party customer research
User Journeys
It was often useful to sit with the team to map out existing and new user journeys.
Lo-Fi Wireframes
It was also very useful to sketch quick low fidelity wireframes while in meetings to visually validate a concept.
Mobile Product Page
Final design for the Product Page for mobile. Using user-data from a third party competitor analysis company.
Animated Prototype
UX Testing
Once a clickable prototype was finalised, it was then tested using Argos's state-of-the-art testing lab.
Our UX Tester sat with a member of the public in a room and the rest of the team watched remotely as they went through a test script.

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