UX/UI/Product Designer(me), Project Manager, 2 Developers

Software Used: 
Omnigraffle, Google Docs, Axure, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

To design a device-agnostic online Application to be built in .net. The app was used as a reporting tool that was built to analyse different metrics against a portfolio of commercial buildings.

End-to-end Design. Initial Research, User profiles, User Journeys, Wireframes, Prototype, Designs, Developer and User guides, UAT
User Research
To begin the project, I entered the research phase:
          - Receiving the Initial Brief from the business
          - What their requirements and goals were
          - User Interviews
          - User Work Shadowing
          - Gathering Pain Points, Wishes, and Requirements
Functional Card Sorting, User Journeys, Site Maps
To begin the UX Research phase, I worked with The Project Manager to define the project, plan the scope of the application, work out User Journeys, and use Functional Card Sorting to work out required pages via a Site Map.
I produced a full set of High Fidelity Wireframes to map out the functionality and layout of each page.
Visual Designs
I designed a full set of Visual Designs for the application. After going through several interations, these were approved by all stake holders before being sent off to a 3rd party to create the front-end HTML/CSS.
After creating all the visuals for the project, I created specifications for the developers. Some of which were remote, so documentation was important. I also produced a pattern library to standardise functionality, and speed up development.

At the end of each SCRUM Sprint, when a new peace of functionality was finished, I QA'ed the build to make sure it aligned with my designs. When the project reached the Alpha and Beta stage, I did a site wide QA.

During several stages of the project I instigated a UAT phase to test that the project was fulfilling its brief. I did this at the wireframe prototype stage, Alpha stage, and once live.

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