Lead UX/CX Designer (me), interested NCB staff members

Software Used: 
Adobe XD

To transfer some of my design skills
to the staff members at NCB

I trained relevant staff members in design principles and Adobe XD
. I then set them homework briefs to be judged by the group in the following week.

Firstly I trained the staff in groups, and one-on-one in Adobe XD and some basic design principles.
Once I was satisfied that everyone was competent in Adobe XD, I set them some several homework tasks.
One brief was to produce a FastFood App prototype and to present it on their phone.
I sketched out rough screens, user journeys, acceptance criteria, and set the students a deadline to present their prototype to the group.
Presentation Day
The homework task interestingly developed into a bit of a competition. I designed certificates for all participants, and prizes for the winners.
The certificate

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